Farber Strategies Inc.

Founder | Principal Consultant


Executive Consultant | U.S. CPO | Board Secretary

Debra currently leads a team of global privacy and security consultants at CRANIUM, a global privacy and security consulting firm with offices in the United States (San Francisco, CA & Hoboken, NJ), Belgium, The Netherlands, and Hungary. Organizations across the globe rely on our expert consultants to assist with setting privacy and security strategy, implementation, assessments, compliance, and training. Our focus on the intersection of business processes, product development, IT, and law is what sets us apart from our competitors.

Through Farber Strategies (2012 - 2017), Debra serves on Advisory Boards for startups and government and as executive consultant to global organizations, advising on data protection and cybersecurity trends and market strategy. Debra also serves as CPO-on-demand for clients and trains companies' employees and boards on privacy and security risks. 

Women in Security & Privacy (WISP)

Founder | Former Board Member

ITSP Magazine

Host, "The Privacy Pact"

Debra is the Host of ITSP Magazine's new podcast series, "The Privacy Pact." Each week, she discusses data protection issues with an engaging privacy expert. 

Debra co-founded WISP, a non-profit project of Community Initiatives, in 2014 to support the development, advancement, and inclusion of women in information security and data privacy. She serves as Chair of the Social Media and Public Relations Committee and as a Member of the Board until February 2017.